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November 26, 2022, 12:45:20 pm
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Author Topic: FEATHERSTONE MASTER PLAN  (Read 5985 times)
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« Reply #20 on: March 29, 2009, 08:43:11 pm »

There was a reason for not immediately writing the Full set of facts leading to this outrageous situation. The reason was to see what certain individuals/ politicians would make up/ trip up on, in the short time. Looks like it worked as the results now back the facts.
From day one 3 years ago because of the polatics of Featherstone the precinct project had to be 101% accountable. This was achieved in its planning. A good example of this is the actual cost of the project. Some at WMDC are impressed with the costs saved and the way the project has been put together and cannot understand why the chamber of trade has not asked for any costs in the grant to cover project management. The chamber would get paid if asked but choose to work for FREE for a number of reasons including reducing costs and the fact it would be shoved in their face if they did. Its called pride in your town un-like other towns that just take the money silently with no complaints.
After getting through the “loosing documents” stage that I personally see more and more often the project began 4 weeks ago with an official “all is complete” go a head received.

3 years ago it was all ready worked out that the labour party would try to stop the works with health and safety. During the creation of the project considerations were given to health and safety as the area is thought to be public. In actual fact the area being renovated is private. Further more no trace could be found of payment of the over lapped lease on the WMDC precinct area. As public safety has to be first a risk assessment and plan of works were created as if the site was public.

WEEK -1: before the project starts Health and safety discuss the plan and the assessments provided. Because of the land ownership, the number of people on site and the number of people working for free the project actually required none of the documents created only that all workers have discussed the issues. However it is agreed that the created plans of safety would be adhered too.

WEEK1: out of about 16,000.00 residents in Featherstone who probably would all agree with the project 3 turned out to look at the works armed with a camera. Guess what party they vote for and who got the pictures sent to them? Labour WMDC of course. Various written and telephoned complaints were also made by people leaving their details. I will let you guess who they vote for.

WEEK2: health and safety contact the site after the reports. Work stops and an explanation of procedures is given. ALL is correct beyond what was required.
Whilst working on the Thursday morning a number of ladies stopped to stere at the workers on site (we are not that sexy are we?) On the Friday morning a lady was walking down the lane. When she got passed the Farmgate and in view of the works she appeared to be mesmerized by the works (or workmen?) and looked left glaring. The workers on site, the property owner and 3 café customers then witnessed the most amazing site. Due to not looking forward the lady then walked in to the lamp post by the bus stop. It must have all most knocked her out as she fell to the ground. It was reported to the police so that there could be no repercussions.

WEEK3: bloody hell work got on and no complaints. Just the odd labour party tourist with a camera that are never normally there.

Monday: left alone loads get done. Workers are enjoying the spirit of progress when a job hums.
Tuesday: left alone loads get done. Workers are enjoying the spirit of progress when a job hums.
Tuesday evening receive an email from WMDC. Your paperwork is incomplete and as it stands no contractor or other will be paid any part of the grant. The grant had to be complete in 2008 as it was passed by a WMDC committee for approval including a covering letter sent out to START all is complete. Infuriated is not the word. Upon contacting WMDC on Wednesday morning it appeared that 3 pieces of paper had gone missing from the application. Also the person who had been running the project at WMDC was leaving on Tuesday. Just to cap it all WMDC had received further complaints from only labour party people in Featherstone that included that I personally was “pocketing all the money”. THAT WAS THE FINAL STRAW for 2 reasons
1.   I am being called a cheat
2.   The chamber of trade cannot confirm to contractors that they would be paid.

Because of this there was no other choice but to ask all concerned to come off site and stop production elsewhere. WMDC were made aware of this on Wednesday morning. Apparently Andy Wallhead the head of regeneration was on his way out to Featherstone to personally sort out the problems. Still waiting?
So as it stands until WMDC can confirm that all is correct with paperwork and that all persons involved will be paid out subject to contract no one in their right mind would do any more work. Would you? You would have thought that some one would have considered it important enough to get here.
There also still remains the problem of complaints. The Featherstone labour party all ready have egg on their face as they are claiming on the internet that the project was stopped due to health and safety issues. The fact is that when the real problem is sorted it would not be correct to not listen to complaints. As the complaints stand the area is requested to be boarded off and closed. This would include reducing or stopping the market for up to 6 months not to mention closing the businesses. The chamber of trade has no option but to look at the complaints in the interest of public safety. Any extra costs involved I am sure WMDC will not be putting up so who will pay. Perhaps we should send a bill to the labour party head office, No bloody10 Downing Street.
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