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November 26, 2022, 12:47:33 pm
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Author Topic: FEATHERSTONE MASTER PLAN  (Read 5985 times)
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« Reply #20 on: December 06, 2008, 09:21:02 pm »

Lots have changed. The cracks are starting to apear.

Minutes of meeting 4th December 2008 Featherstone Master Plan

Chair Peter Box accompanied by the regeneration team.

Featherstone update.

Peter explained that the final master plan document had been passed in council cabinet earlier this year and that the document was now being worked on by him and his regeneration team. Key goals are to regenerate the Girnhill estate and Station lane.
Peter then went in to detail that people should not listen to rumour or bloggs on the internet. People should look at the plans that are widely available for the master plan and the recent proposed developments now logged with WMDC planning services. After a 10 minute talk including introductions peter asked if any one had any questions. A reply was yes. A further reply by Peter was, we don’t won’t to be here until 8pm.

Q1. GY: Peter was informed that at the final public master plan meeting in November 2007 it had been agreed by all the members of the public present, steering group, council and Denise Jefferies to remove the item named as “the plaza” from the plan before it went to cabinet. Denise Jefferies stated to the people present at the meeting that she would do this and notify the district council to confirm.
R1. Peter informed the meeting that he had talked with Denise about this and that he felt the actions of the people present at that meeting were threatening towards Denise Jefferies. Denise had asked Peter to consider calling the police as some people were being threatening and were attempting to damage and kick her car.
R2. GY: Peter I think you are mistaken as no such incident occurred. I think you are confused with is a meeting in March chaired by Denise Jefferies for the residents of the Girnhill estate. At that meeting WMDC patrol officers arrived first and refused entry to anyone other than residents. The exclusion included council members and legal representatives. After complaints from residents council members and legal representatives were allowed in to the meeting as rightly they should. Other supporters numbering 7 stood outside the grounds of the building. These magnificent 7 were all elderly who believe in their friends plight so much that they stood in the cold for 2 hours in support. 4 of the 7 have walking sticks. All stood in silent protest. If a crime had been committed then there would be a crime number or log. As there is none then it must be considered misleading for the head of WMDC Peter Box to inform us with gossip and an untruth anyway. What you may also be confused with Peter is that at the November meeting Denise Jefferies was hassled by a member of the public whose name is available but is best described as “chuff chuff”. The people that stand wrongly accused now are the same people that escorted Denise to her car and away from the man. The folk of Featherstone will take a lot more cracking until we get to that stage.

Q2. GY: to confirm what is in the master plan can I confirm that the plaza has been removed. I have a letter dated January 2007 from Denise Jefferies that was copied to the district council that states that the plaza area has been removed from the final plan and will not go to WMDC cabinet as part of the final plan.
R1: Peter informed the meeting that “THE MASTER PLAN IS NOT WMDCs PLAN, IT WAS DTZs”. The whole master plan is the creation of DTZ and nothing to do with WMDC or him.
R2. GY: if the master plan is not from WMDC or anything to do with WMDC and is by DTZ why is the whole document that includes the “plaza” available on the WMDC website and in literature freely available and states WMDC as the people behind Featherstone’s master plan. Does this mean that its just Featherstone’s master plan that is being run by DTZ or all the 5 towns……..Peter interrupts ……..
R3. Peter interrupts and states that Denise Jefferies has had no power to remove any item from the master plan as the master plan is DTZs and not WMDCs…
R4. GY interrupts and states again then why do have a letter from Denise Jefferies that says different? Is it an untruth?
R4. Peter picks his head of the table after trying to ignore the question as his gesture of not listening to a point of none order. (Peter interrupted first. Freedom of speech?)
Peter replies that what ever is on view on the WMDC website is not their plan but DTZs. There are lots of things on our website. What you should not do is listen to rumours and gossip nor articles on websites. Without evidence I cannot comment. I will tell Denise you are calling her a liar. I also put forward that it should be looked in to providing “public health warnings “for any items on the WMDC website that are not ours so that the public can see what we are not involved with.
R5. Clive Tennant: the residents who live on the plaza have had leaflets through their doors promoting rumour and gossip.
R6. GY:  to Peter, so as head of WMDC you are telling us that the master plan is nothing to do with WMDC and that you do not believe that Denise Jefferies said she would remove the plaza item nor had the power to?
R7. Public 1: I was at that meeting and Denise Jefferies did say what GY said she did.
R8. Public 2: I was at that meeting and Denise Jefferies did say what GY said she did.
R9. Public 3: I was at that meeting and Denise Jefferies did say what GY said she did.
R10. Public 4: I was at that meeting and Denise Jefferies did say what GY said she did.
R11. Public 5: I was at that meeting and Denise Jefferies did say what GY said she did.
R12. Public 6: I was at that meeting and Denise Jefferies did say what GY said she did.

R13. Peter announces that on January 28th Mr.Stokes from WMDC will be holding a meeting at Chesneys for the Featherstone master plan. At this meeting the public will have a chance to input and alter the plan as part of the 1st stage of implementing the document.

Q3. Girnhill resident: could you tell me Peter why a plan has been published in the Pontefract and Castleford express labelled”exclusive to this newspaper” that shows a finished plan agreed with by you and yet states that consultation will take place before any plans are made.
Could you explain to me Peter why residents are being made to injure, power cuts from WEDEL condemned supplies, street lighting below the European requirement, drains bloked by WMDC workers with hard core and roads that are in dangerous condition. After many letter and emails of complaint no action has been taken.
R1. Peter replies that the Girnhill estate is not a part of this meeting; however I do understand the resident’s plight is great. The plans put forward will secure new housing and a start to the regeneration plan.
R2. Girnhill resident: what does WMDC intend to do with its CPO order?
R3. Peter replies that his legal team has worked hard to put in place the relevant documents to ensure the regeneration takes place.

 The comment Q2. R13. is a bonza, as why was that not mentioned before trying to end the Featherstone part of the meeting?
  I think the best detail is the 1 fact that Peter Box the head of WMDC and local labour party missed out. Peter attended the meeting with a number of paid WMDC workers for reference information. Tell me I am wrong but are not details for WMDC showing that 2 people present at the meeting on the 4th December and sat next to Peter are responsible for the master plan and its finance with WMDC money. Surely Peter box would know this as chair. It would appear not so as I am sure he would not mislead a public meeting regards public money.
Again the word misleading springs to mind with the comments made regards the Girnhill estate. Peter forgot to tell the meeting another detail that there was to be a public meeting in the Chesneys centre to talk with the developer.
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