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August 01, 2021, 10:56:24 am
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Development of Land off Post Office Road, Featherstone

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Author Topic: Development of Land off Post Office Road, Featherstone  (Read 3293 times)
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« on: August 07, 2012, 05:04:38 pm »

Kim the place is a ghost town.

I don't know where you get the gridlocked impression from.
more upwardly mobile people, more busineses, more interesting shops, proper reataurants, the place smartened up, people living in the middle of the town not on estates on the outskirts. It would rewaken the place.

Featherstone is no longer an industrial town. It is a residential community where people commute. This needs to be made the best of.

Either you walk around with your eyes shut or you need a check up from the neck up. It's not gridlocked???
Come down Wakefield road at school times and try getting up station lane. Five o'clock, they are bumper to bumper from the Linpac to Feath high school and from North Feath to the Travs where they turn in for Ackworth. You want to add to the problem?
Did you answer any of the concerns about schools accommodating another thousand children, doctors surgeries accommodating another two thousand people? No because all you can see is fancy shops and resturants. You say it would waken the place up, it would bankrupt the place you moron, it's YOU who needs to wake up.

there is no grid to be locked. Traffic is heavy during peak times justb like everywhere else. The rest of the time the pplace is a ghost town.

fancy shops and restaurants-sounds good to me. What would you have instead? An influx of young upwardly mobile people with disposable income is what the town needs.

One of the reasons there is heavy traffic at the times you mention is that children don't necessarily attend thre school near where theyb live. St Wilfi]rid's for example has a massively wide catchment area.

do you know what the takeup is on tlocal health service provisiopns. Presumably you know about planned changes for that should they be needed.

You really do have your head in the sand concerning what this towns needs Bond.
This town does need regeneration and life breeding into it but 450 new houses is not the answer. The answer is opportunity for our youth, job prospects for our youth aswell as employment opportunities for other age groups. I'd rather have a factory that employed 500 people and bring prosperity here.
Some more concerns about increasing the size of the town, 450 dustbins to empty when WMDC are struggling to empty bins because of cutbacks, dozens of more streets to clean, 450 houses to empty of sewage when everyone knows the current sewage system we have is already stretched to the limit, choking the place up with Carbon emmissions from another 750 cars so our children can breath more ****e in and end up with Asthma, more flooding because we can't handle the excess water from the roof tops just like in Streethouse.
Lets just ask ourselves if you and these idiots are gonna pay for this:
1. Another 2 infant and junior schools to cope with a 1000 children.
2. An extention to Featherstone technology college to cope with another 1000 children.
3. Based on national figures we'd need another 40 school teachers.
4. A new sewage system to cope with 1000's of tons of extra sewage and excess water.
5. More WMDC employee's to empty bins and clean streets.
6. More postmen to deliver mail to 450 extra houses.
7. Modifications to electricity, gas and water supplies to cope with demand.
So, who's gonna pay for this lot hey Bond? Not you or the company building the houses that will leave this town facing disaster in a time of a double dip resession where everyone is making cutbacks to survive. You build during times of economic growth not recession.
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