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April 13, 2024, 08:32:35 pm
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MP's or traitors?

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Author Topic: MP's or traitors?  (Read 481 times)
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« on: June 06, 2010, 11:03:45 am »

I’d like to just discuss our democratic system and how it effects the working class way of life, whether it actually works or not and who it actually benefits in the long run.
We’ve just come through a rough old time with the banks and financial institutions dropping the ball and costing us all big time with the biggest boom and bust since the 1930’s. Lets just break down what has actually taken place. The previous government together with the banks virtually bankrupted the United Kingdom. Brown used tax payers money to bail these idiots out, thousands of people lost part of their savings and their investments in the stock exchange went pear shaped. Who were the biggest victims in this fiasco? Yes it was us, the good old working class sheep at the bottom of the ladder.
Up comes the new Government with its ‘time for change’ logos. Time for change? Where have I heard that before? Oh yes, every time there is a change of Government they use the same words. Does anything really change?
So in steps the new Government and announces that there are going to be huge cuts to public services and everyone is going to have to suffer. Everyone? Everyone apart from the middle class and the filthy rich that is! Again it is the lower classes that will have to suffer and pay the cost for a political system designed to empty our pockets.
Lets look at the consumer protection agencies that are supposed to exist to protect the lower earners from being ripped off. Gas – doesn’t exist anymore, gas prices went up more than 50% and their excuse was the cost of a barrel of oil. Oil went down again and the prices remained the same. No protection for the British people against any company charging what they like. Electricity – doesn’t exist anymore. Electric prices rocketed by 50% with no protection for the consumer. Water – same story.
Petrol and diesel – this is the biggest killer for the working classes. No consumer protection is in place for the citizens of the United Kingdom because they say oil is too volatile in the market place. Shell just announced record profits of more than 50% on the previous year. They made twice as much money out of the British people as they did the previous year yet fuel is still £1.20 a liter, again they increased prices when the cost of a barrel of oil went up but never lowered it when oil went down. Thousands of haulage companies went bust in the UK while the Government watched and did nothing to protect business or the consumer.
So if the Government doesn’t represent working classes and protect them anymore, just who do they represent?  The consumer protection agency has been bought off and keep their mouths shut, any company can increase anything they like with absolutely no protection to the consumer at all. If petrol went up to £3 a liter no one would stop it, if your gas bill doubled like it did before, there is no one there to stop it.
All these things effect how working class people live and prosper in this Country, yet you never hear any MP talking about how to cut prices of gas, electric or petrol.
Do we have to assume that MP’s only represent people that can afford to live in this Country and no one else?
Are we to assume that these people are sponsoring rip off Britain?
They divided us all and conquered us all and now the place is not worth living in.
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« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2010, 09:08:09 pm »

Interesting comments Primax and growingly relevant as more and more of us will find out in at least the next 2 years.

Yes we all lost something because of fools running our finances in the UK banking system.
Get ready for things getting worse. If you have not tried to use a bank for borrowing since the end of last year then when you do you will be in for a shock. ALL the banks for one excuse or another do not wish to lend anymore. Instead of the salesman pitch the pitch is now how can we put you off? At this rate the country should financially implode in about 14 to 18 months unless something is done. There are lots of arguments as to how to do this. My own is ban credit cards and get cash flowing and debt stopping.

Yes as every the common working man suffered the most. There looks certain that the common man will suffer more than ever unless dramatic action is taken. The worst is yet to come, new government or not. The ball that has begun rolling will take more to stop than the alliance government can deal with. So it will be back to Labour soon hopefully. Yes hopefully because a fuse to civil war is probably our only way to force dramatic change.

Yes prices have soared upwards on many fronts. Supermarkets and multinationals may try to keep prices down but everything around is escalating including Chinas output and their squeeze on our balls. Metal prices are just one example. We have all ready had 18 months of very high scrap prices that are now growing daily. This is because at first Foreign country’s were paying to get going. Now it’s because the streets have been cleared. Everyday your metal items are more desirable to the scrap people. Where will that end?

There are many M.P.s that continue their lavish expanses. Tricket is a good example. Under Petty cash mainly he claimed thousands of pounds for paper and printing equipment the year before this last general election. The printing was not all for himself but for other party members. Why should I pay for a political parties leaflets when I do not support their cause and consider it part of the reason Featherstone is still fighting out of its hole because of them?
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« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2010, 08:33:01 am »

Brilliant post Primax, I must say this time, even though most of the time we have our differances. Because of our differances, we do tend to put a valid point across most of the time.
I suppose in a way, that is my idea of  "democracy" where we all have a differances and have every right by law to express them.
So when it comes to our elected politicians, they seem to forget their promises and those of us who have voted them into power, they all tend to follow the party whip...so the "differances" they should bring for the common good of the country is lost.
The world is changing, we have a political system out of date, and this system lets people into power who have no idea or concep of  how the world lives. What does a person who is brought up with the "silver spoon" know about the working class. In this country of ours we have career minded politicians, who only seek their self interst. And the worst fact about it is, we have so many talented people in each community through this great nation, who would give their all and yet because of the system never get heard or elected.
The upper class and the middle class do not wish to mingle with us ordinory folk, they don't have any interst in us, other than us paying our taxes and keeping them in their cushy jobs.
It sounds very old fashioned, but we live in a divided nation. We do need a change, but a self intersted politician is not going to bring the change.
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« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2010, 05:47:00 pm »

Yes the world is changing San, I agree. Everyone has jumped on board the greed train in this Country which is steaming down the track at an unstoppable speed with no Government in any position to stop it. We have created a apathetic every man for himself greed machine, communities split and the welfare state left in tatters. What is left of the welfare state will be finished off with this new Government who have announced today they are going to cripple everyone.
Theres no control on banking, no control of essential fuel prices we need to live with mass price fixing, supermarkets are price fixing rather than being competitive to get your custom. In times gone past supermarkets used to undercut each other to get custom in an healthy market, now all the prices are fixed between them which resulted last year in them being prosecuted.
No rules, no regulations on any pricing device is leading to mass poverty and like Yetion1 said the worst is yet to come. It was the bankers who bankrupted this Country yet they have been allowed to take their huge bonuses and run while the rest of us are going to pay with massive cuts to public spending and public services.
The working class people were in no way responsible for any of this, it was the rich and middle classes that caused it yet we are going to pay for a second time for someone else's mess.
Why dont they take all the money back from the banks that they stole for a start before they even think about hammering us lot?
Revolution you say Yetion1, they've got that sewn up m8, cameras on every street corner, control of all your money, they can shut your mobile off, lock you up without charge with the terrorism act they introduced after 911 etc etc. Someone knew this was coming a long time ago and preperations have been made to stop any possible revolution. I'd check the hundreds of detainment camps they have opened up in the USA if I were you. Enough room for about 5 million people in them and no one knows what they are for!! I think maybe they are preparing for the US citizens to revolt and have provided detainment for them.
The banks stole most of our money and now the Tories are going to take what little we have left. Like I said, we all stand devided and conquered and we're all going to take it because they have us licked.
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« Reply #4 on: June 07, 2010, 08:40:44 pm »

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