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February 21, 2024, 01:38:26 am
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The pitfalls of introducing a minimum wage and all its consequences.

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Author Topic: The pitfalls of introducing a minimum wage and all its consequences.  (Read 179 times)
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« on: March 06, 2010, 12:24:27 am »

The minimum wage introduced by Labour was an interesting move in many ways. The aim of the minimum wage was to ensure that the majority of the working classes were paid a bare minimum of perhaps £5.50 an hour. But unbeknowing to the public there was an alterior motive to introducing such a standard into these Islands.
Since the industrial revolution our forefathers have fought hand and tooth for decent pay and conditions to be able to live in good health and be free of poverty. That fight took nearly 200 years and involved unions, people dying down mines and Lord knows what else to achieve.
Through the ages of time pay conditions have slowly improved through the hard work and the toll of our ancesters and their union representatives. This was part of working class history to try and improve the lives of the impoverished people that dwell within these Islands.
...And so the jouney goes on.
A massive history of struggle is what is on the line here, an history of working class people fighting to have a decent life and for their children to have a decent life too. ....And so we move on to today and what do we see?
We see a minimum wage which at first thought was a good idea but on second thoughts is a terrible idea.
Why? you may ask.
Fair enough it stops slave labour to a certain extent but it also sets a president of what people SHOULD BE PAID. When I say 'should be paid' I mean everyone besides the lower end workers.
There is now a trend within the UK for companies to pay everyone the minimum wage and I mean absolutely everyone. The more people they can get onto the minimum wage the better it is for employers to make more money.A massive amount of jobs within these Islands is based on the minimum wage.
So where it started off as an insurance policy to avoid poverty it is now an insurance policy to insure poverty.
All those years that you're father and his father fought through the unions to make sure we had good pay and conditions has been forfeited in the form of a cheap minimum wage.
What would my grandad think of me if I didn't say anything when his mates died down mines trying to get better pay and conditions for everyone? He'd think I was a coward - thats what he'd think.
My grandad walked into the battle of the Somme head held up high for THESE ISLANDS, he fought for what is right, for what is just and for what is reasonable. The way we live today does not come under the term reasonable or just. My grandad would turn in his grave if he could see this betrayal of the working classes today by the Labour party. 
Take a look around ladies and gentlemen, just who does Labour represent this day and age?
Does it represent you in the working classes or does it represent something else like the middle classes?
I have a picture on my wall of my grandfather who fought in the great war and watched his mates die in battle, he also worked down mines and watched his mates die. ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT HE WENT THROUGH ALL THAT FOR NOTHING LABOUR PARTY SO YOU LOT CAN REPRESENT SOMEBODY ELSE?

Oliver Cromwell
Read those words because by those words you beheaded a king and now you've become worse than the king.
Myself and Yetion1 dont see eye to eye on many things but there are things we do agree about:-
‘To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards of men’
Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
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