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April 17, 2024, 05:46:27 am
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 on: May 07, 2018, 08:18:03 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
No surprise result then? That is unless the win was due to postal votes. So did Fev folk vote labour or independent? Should be another interesting week especially if Labour Cllr Peter Box does not give Cllr Taylors badge back. Roll Eyes

 on: May 03, 2018, 07:51:20 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Thursday 3rd May. Another unusual day. The truck with single male again sits for a 12 hour shift blocking the path on double yellows at the entrance to a school. It has been suggested he is the H&S man?
And then action, mid morning with more barriers going up and more traffic lights further up the street outside the vape shop. The over sized JCB arrives. The 7.5t tipper arrives. All set up and ready to go. The polite workmen again ask if WMDC has contacted anyone and again the reply was no. The workmen had been told now to leave the Yorkshire stone and lift any parts straight. Then the sun came out and the workmen enjoyed the sun sat on a step until dinner time. With lunch over it appeared that someone else had been trying to fill pot holes locally and had some tarmac left. This ended up in the existing hole outside the dentist which is supposed to be block paving? With no work started on the newly set up area the equipment was then packed up.
End of week 2 on Friday and it has to have cost over £20k so far. You could fix every pot hole in Featherstone for less than that? Roll Eyes

 on: May 02, 2018, 07:54:19 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
My hat off to local Featherstone business's today for pulling together and giving their help and time to assist the large number of outside police that arrived suddenly in Featherstone this morning.
You may have seen the many marked and unmarked cars that had arrived in Featherstone after a chase that ended in Featherstone with a stolen car being abandoned and the "daytime robber" making off on foot.

 on: May 02, 2018, 07:43:00 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Friday 27th.  No work all day. That is except for one man doing a 12 hour shift sat parked in the Lidle carpark facing the road in his truck with all the lights flashing away. Why the flashing lights.

Tuesday 1st May. 2 men spend 4 hours with lunch to fit 7 curb stones. I hope the plant machinery isnt on hire.

Wednesday 2nd May. A new truck appears without flashing lights parked blocking the path on George St facing the hole with one man sat all day? At least this guy was in the right place to see a stolen car being anbandoned in front of him, but then back to keeping the seat warm.
 Roll Eyes

 on: May 02, 2018, 06:51:22 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
So its election day in the morning. Just noticed today that while driving around other towns the usual posters are all up. Not seen all Fev but not seen any posters. Fev is usually full. Roll Eyes
Who ever wins in Fev Thursday the result will cause a few more headlines. Shocked

 on: April 30, 2018, 08:49:05 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
So in Featherstone elections 2018 its a 2 horse race, Labour VS Conservative.
The result will probably see a Labour win although the candidate is not Labour.
Given the situation is it wrong to put up a Labour poster as there is no candidate for Labour. Well probably not at least untill they have been given there badge back by the boss on Friday.
My own opinion is we deserve better from our democratic right to vote. A few words will not change much but the Brewster film springs to mind. VOTE "NONE OF THE ABOVE".

 on: April 30, 2018, 08:23:27 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Monday 23rd April. WMDC workmen turn up and again begins another day of bizarre circumstances that sadly now appear to have contributed to 2 road traffic accidents that have injured 4  plus. Workmen turned up about 8 am and sat waiting in a car park. About 10am another person turned up and the fun began. The workmen stood well up the street as if they dare not approach the area they were to work on. Some workmen stood well away and looked embarressed by the situation. A wagon with temporary traffic lights loaded was pointed to park awkwardly at the junction and was then trying to read instruction from someone about 200 meters away. The situation continued and finally workmen came to the wagon to get the traffic lights. The workmen were the same very nice men and they asked if anyone had talked to any traders. They were surprised and shook their head when told WMDC still refuse to talk to anyone. 

The workmen had been told to do the next path after last week when they could not work as their plan needed traffic lights. The workmen continued to fit the temporary traffic lights. By the time they had finished at dinner time and switched on there had been a number of cars stopping at the temporary lights as directed by signs but they were not working yet.  It was clear that the sighting of the lights had been made up that morning from a distance and was causing chaos to all traffic in Featherstone.

At the risk of getting a WMDC communication ban a call to the department at WMDC who refused to talk was made informing of the of the DANGEROUS situation and the last lady who had been informed called Mrs D**** who had since moved on. The responce was Mrs D**** had not moved on but was doing a different job and was in his room. When asked why Mrs D**** would not reply the information was Featherstone is just trying to cause trouble as it hates WMDC. There was plenty more said.

Very sadly while the lights were on there was a serious accident resulting in 2 injured. This was followed  very shorty with at least 2 injured in another accident just off the same road. Both accidents appear to be reported as due to the congestion. The road in question all ready has an high accident rate as they pass through a crossroads that was altered yet condemend by WMDC own highways department at planning yet still passed. At least 1 insurence company is looking in to the traffic lights.

By 3.30pm the temporary traffic lights had gone and no work had been done.
It would appear fair to say that it possibly looks like WMDC may have caused suffering to many people without a need to do so.
A week later and the suffering continues........

And then out of the blue a whole new possible reason why Featherstone is being subjected to a traffic jam nightmare! Why would anyone cause traffic jams? Perhaps someone who cares will talk about Featherstone this week? Roll Eyes Smiley

 on: April 30, 2018, 08:22:32 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
You would be right to ask why has Station Lane had traffic lights at the cross roads for over a week and only 3 hours of work has taken place?
WMDC still refuse to talk to any traders on Station Lane about the way the job is being done and it appears WMDC are all powerfull as they handle their own complaints. Oversized excavators sinking in the road are just a hazard for later. There appears a deathly silence from our cllrs. Sorry not total silence as one senior lady made clear. Apparently local labour party cllrs have told some people at the coffee morning that the bottom of Station Lane can not be re-surfaced due to the number of heavy goods vehicles one small shop gets each day! Seriously! Possibly the cllr got mixed up when they repeatedly parked on double yellows and hindered a supermarket delivery each time (pictures available). 

 on: April 19, 2018, 09:24:34 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Perhaps the Labour Party needs to take its hat off to labour Cllr Peter Box.
Today is the last day to register to vote. It appears this action took place just before the end of this deadline.
Does anyone need it explained to them that Labour Cllr Richard Taylor will probably win the election whilst suspended and then carry on as usual when its all sorted out. Roll Eyes

 on: April 19, 2018, 09:07:34 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
shock horror but no surprise

Labour Cllr Peter Box Looks to have Suspended Labour Cllr Richard Taylor for comment about the Prime Minister


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