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April 16, 2024, 03:13:13 am
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 on: April 07, 2019, 01:26:12 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Bumped in to an old Featherstone guy at the end of Post Office road looking at the signs on the fence. Got in to conversation about the air raid shelter. Then he came out with a corker I had not heard before.  He asked did I know about the Liptons tunnel? Obviously not. Apparently when this guy was about 8 the Liptons supermarket that is now One Stop was boarded up after closing. He and other kids used to play in the empty building. One day they ventured in to the cellar and found a door leading to a passage. The passage was a tunnel and the kids did not dare go too far. The kids left and returned with candles and one posh kid got a torch. They set off down the tunnel scared to death and eventually came to the end and another opening. The kids found themselves in the cellar of the house that was recently knocked down next to the Cora Pub. The tunnel became a dare thing with the kids who would hide in the tunnel to frighten people trying the dare. I long tunnel by any standards.
One thought is the well that was found a few years ago that is in line with this.

 on: February 15, 2019, 06:48:28 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Looks like the battle to keep Post office Road shut and NOT become a rat run got a little nearer today. The situation was always going to get more interesting the more people that were affected.
The field at the end of Post office Road after being used for the air raid shelter during the war has been common land for tens of years.  About 3 years ago it apparently got sold to a housing company at Colliers Court. There was no publicity and apparently no tender bid put in place so it looks like the land has been sold under dubious circumstances. After 3 years asking many residents are still refused a reply to the question by WMDC.  You have to wonder if the new owner was fully informed about the land and its previous use when it disappeared of all maps due to the aparent storage of milatary chemicals. The mention of one chemical in particular is very interesting.
Three years ago WMDC built a dirt track road from the end of Post Office Road to the cricket field. This also opened up an area for Featherstone Rovers That they now advertise as a car park on match days. The locked metal gate suddenly disappeared.
August 2018 travellers found the now open space and camped for a week. They left the usual mess. Strangely WMDC cleaned up the land at great cost but not the surrounding streets full of fly tipped rubbish. If this land had been sold why were we paying WMDC to do the clean up?  Again WMDC and now the M.P. Jon Tricket refuse to reply to residents’ concerns.
A very long fence has been fitted right from the Rovers training barn down to Vicarage lane with signs saying private. The cricket club, bowling club and rovers are now cut off.  There are no road signs and vehicles arriving and having to turn around on a narrow street. Just tonight there have been times as if the M1 has shut as traffic queues down the street confused what to do. Match day should be fun on Sunday with Rovers advertising parking. Guess the residents will suffer then.
Should be interesting what happens next. Are the local cllrs going to get off their ass or just sink their heads in the sand as usual? Post Office Road is not going to open as a through road. To start with WMDC contacted residents 3 years ago and informed them Post Office road was to be a residents zone within 6 months. 3 years later WMDC refuse to reply to this letter they sent?

The history buffs at least will be entertained. Were the air raid shelter tunnels fully filled or are we going to start seeing diggers dropping in to holes.



 on: February 12, 2019, 09:08:24 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
The saga goes on but a funny moment when WMDC trespass to take a pee.... Grin


 on: January 23, 2019, 08:12:32 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
 Last Year about July Featherstone acquired a prolific burglar. By August the problem was getting out of hand and this was sent to the police.
Looks like Featherstone has acquired a professional burglar over the last month who likes commercial premises. There is video from Ponte Van Centre, Debbie’s Bites and the Dentist and a picture is growing. So far it looks,
1.    Ponte Van Centre
2.    Carleton’s Car Sales
3.    Shuhag
4.    Debbie’s Bites
5.    Vets
6.    Chiropodist
7.    Car Spares shop
8.    Ponte Dental
9.    CCTV cameras stolen from behind precinct shops
There was a few word reply from the police. The police did not inform shop keepers of the problem.   Over the next few months the burglaries continued so much that attempts were made a second time to some shops.
10.   Top Dentist,
11.   Chicos
12.   Figos

Thankfully names did start cropping up as the list of not happy shop keeper grew and more people started digging. The police have apparently made and arrest and he has possibly been charged with one theft. The shop keeper in question has heard nothing.  Looks like its down to the shop keepers to find out then. Who is Woody? About 5ft 7” white chubby, walks with a limp possibly due to drug abuse. Lived or lives at bottom of the lane.  Usually wears a cap. There are a few people who would love to know who he is. Lips sealed

 on: January 23, 2019, 07:35:19 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Something’s going on that’s looking more and dodgier regards the new Featherstone Bypass. So far the fastest passed road in the area.  Nothing to do with a larger number of houses and business units adding to the plan!
But there seems to be a further twist that more and more information keeps showing up about.  The original plan was to start the road across the horse box railway carriages by the garden center.  This was then altered to Huntwick Lane the farm road at the Linpac cross roads. There then appears to have been some argument with Labour Cllr Graham Isherwood and the site of the Featherstone War Horse and a few metres.  There seem to be a number of behind closed door meetings which slow information down as you have to request the information.  Sure there is more to come.
Whatever has been going on for whatever reason it is looking like there will be another Featherstone Historical victim. Un-confirmed so far there is talk of Huntwick Lodge now having to be demolished for the road. A listed local land mark, which has had a Heritage order on it for all these years. You have to wonder if Heritage will agree. Possibly not Lister Baths but it would be a shame if it went because someone had their own ideas that must come first.  Roll Eyes

 on: January 18, 2019, 07:43:18 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
BT Phone Conmen Calling Again

Please be aware the Indian call centre, posing as BT is calling again locally. In a poor accent so you struggle to hear what is said you are informed that there has been a BT Fault and breach of security. Your internet will be shut down the next day unless you act now.  If you ask them to confirm they are BT they will say they are and give BTs head office address in London.  You will be asked to go to your computer and press the windows button, ALT and L at the same time. After that there is no more information.
BT will never ask you to proceed this way.

 on: January 11, 2019, 09:03:42 pm 
Started by merlin - Last post by yetion1
The world changes and has changed fast, something’s never change like public opinion when something is right.
Open records all can read still actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE as many people are now finding out.

Johnsons press went bust last year. Nothing to do with people not believing a word, possibly due to acting like a Labour party news rag. It soon got a new life / money. Funny thing is the new paper does actually appear to be telling the odd correct story which must be causing Clrls concern. Looks like the stories in the new paper are just lacking the facts. A couple of interesting stories to start the ball rolling again. This is a link to the misconduct allegations. The simple check with this story is the reported 6 the correct total?


Much more interesting is this story about Cllrs expenses. An eye opening read to most people. Is it that Johnsons press have missed a point or have been told not to make a point or are making a point you don’t see. The annual figures are far more damming and will make an even more interesting read especially for our local Cllrs.


 on: July 29, 2018, 06:15:39 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Diary update for July 27th
After considering the events of today it appears that WMDC do not have to talk to anyone if they choose and because of this the Local Government Ombudsman is now overwhelmed with similar complaints. As the Local Government Ombudsman cannot reply in its designated time period then it now looks like the next department is Central Government to ask for help?

WMDC visit today: The missing WMDC man called Jim appeared at my shop about 11am today to deliver the letter you see below. Jim would not talk in the shop and asked to stand outside in the street covered by CCTV. An un-official conversation was held.  Again, I now have 2 different versions of a conversation written and now write what is fact and not withheld as a gentleman’s agreement.

He informed me that our agreement had been broken by people at WMDC and that WMDC had now changed their mind. There would be no Yorkshire stone brought to make repairs.

WMDC on Monday 30.07.18 are now going install temporary traffic lights for as long as it takes to do the work. This could be for up to 4 weeks. The temporary traffic lights will be left up all day so that the night work can continue. I pointed out that previous work was only 2.5 hours per night for 2 days and 5 days of traffic lights at a huge local financial cost to locals. No confirmation could be given of how many weeks the temporary traffic lights would operate for.

When it was pointed out that the notice letter he was giving to me from WMDC was only giving 1.5 days working notice and was un-reasonable notice the reply was that this is what he had been told to do. In fact, WMDC had intended to post the letters so they would arrive on Monday 30th but Jim had taken the job on as it was apparently him who was going to get it in the neck to try and sort the mess out.

The explanation of the proposed works was beyond belief! Apparently WMDC have now changed their minds again and they are now going to remove all the Yorkshire Stone except for one small area. This will require disrupting what has all ready been done and then laying tarmac on soft ground. Not only has WMDC changed it mind about the Yorkshire stone but Jim had been given the job of asking each shop to leave its shutter up until 11.30pm each night so workmen could steel their property, land and rights. When some shops asked to talk to who was in charge they got the same answer which was call WMDC if you have a complaint. As WMDC refuse to talk who will cover insurance considering you cannot hang a St George flag in the street without it getting ripped down? What was definitely clear was that 4 weeks ago when the traffic lights were last in action and many complaints were made yet again something hit a nerve with one of the new contacts copied on to emails.

Bizarrely also the new plan is to dig up the good side of the street first before fixing the mess that has all ready been made. They are not going to finish the path they have started and are going to continue to leave it in a dangerous condition. When questioned why a 6-month project that should take 3 months and started 3 years ago was still not finished a gentleman’s answer was agreed.

Ok so man to man can I or anyone meet with who is in charge? The reply was I have been told do this job. Jim pointed out the back of the letter and the 2 names and phone numbers printed. One name was Jim’s. As he could not reply he suggested calling the other. This had been called and message left with no reply. Jim told me that if I had a concern I should contact the council. I informed him again that I had but had been informed if I tried to communicate on the subject again I would get a 12 month ban from communication to WMDC. Jim asked who had informed me of such and I replied again that the contact was Mr Dickenson at WMDC. Jim could not understand why Mr Dickenson and not WMDC highways had been dealing with this. In the last 3 years there had been a number of people loosing / being moved from jobs while on this job.

Interestingly due to our conversation fly tipping was mentioned on the street. I pointed out this was no longer a criminal offence and the police no longer give out crime numbers for it when reported. Jim disagreed strongly. I informed him of the Post Office Road fly tippers dumping 7.5 tonne per load for months and the police response. Jim made a call to persons I do not know who said WMDC would prosecute whatever.

To end the conversation, I pointed out that our conversation did not match the information on leaflet. No comment could be given. I asked if it was true that WMDC are creating traffic Chaos in Featherstone in order to create a false picture to enable a funding application for the new bypass? Again, no comment was given. I asked why the date of the letter was the 23rd and not today the 27th. No reply could be given.

Featherstone Traffic Chaos for Another 4 Weeks
In Brief next week

1.   Traffic chaos with big delays and at peak times and up to 2 hours to travel through Featherstone.
2.   Bus services will be cancelled or will run with delays.
3.   There are other road works around Featherstone that will have traffic lights as well.
4.   Shop keepers have not officially been told but apparently some have been asked to keep stutters up on a night for the next few weeks.
5.   The work that had all ready been done is now to be re-done for the umpteenth time.
6.   The 110 plus year old Historical Yorkshire stone is now going again which will be classed as theft.
7.   WMDC still refuse to listen to reports with video of dangerous and disruptive practices which are now set to continue.

What the public can do?
Not a lot really unless many have a go.
1.   You can call WMDC and your complaint will be logged.  This is usually a 20 to 50-minute wait. A reply will be given in 28 days. However, if Featherstone folk do complain in mass like last time WMDC switchboard will block up and create some questions.
2.   Below are the contacts given by WMDC. Jim is obviously no good as he is not allowed to talk and Derrick so far only has an answer machine that does not call back leaving the contact centre and a long wait.
3.   It is now clear that the past and present problems have been ignored by local Cllrs. One district Cllr was questioned on Friday via a blog and replied with a totally different answer. As a district and town Cllr you would be aware of issues not to mention having to drive by them each day. It will be interesting to see the replies from ALL our Cllrs when they start getting bulk emails this week. In defence of our local Cllrs so far allegedly WMDC is not telling them everything either. Someone is not telling the truth?
4.   WMDC has changed a lot and so has how to report issues others should deal with. The last time this happened MP Jon Tricket was contacted. His first response was he could not act on one complaint. This was put right within hours as the MP then received many complaints from many people. The MP the received details. Still awaiting a response from the last disaster so don’t hold your hopes up.
5.   The police have been made fully aware of these traffic problems all the 3 years especially with the amount of accidents recently in traffic. If you see something that is not right report it. The more that do the better.
6.   If you decide to call HSE Leeds, The Ombudsman or the Transport Agency save your time. After 28 days you will be told you have to contact WMDC.

Contacts to complain
01924 306028 Derick
01924 302017 Jim
0345 8 506 506 WMDC contact centre customerservices@wakefield.gov.uk
01924 305100 WMDC Chief Executive Merran McRae
01924 655695 MP Jon Trickett  jtrickett@jontrickett.org.uk
03003303000 Department of transport pocorrespondence@dft.gsi.gov.uk

 on: May 15, 2018, 07:56:08 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
So moving on WMDC now display this link for Cllr Taylor. You will notice that is "Cllr Taylor" and not Labour Party Cllr Taylor or Independent Cllr Taylor.


The description of a Cllr says they should be named so why is this not advertised? The information on the link is also interesting. Didn't the press report Labour Party Cllr Taylor had been removed from a committee as per protocol of suspending a Cllr? The link shows 2?

The question remains who is Cllr Taylor?

 on: May 07, 2018, 08:18:57 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Friday 4th May. No man in a van and no works at all apart from taking down signs and tempory lights and re-stating the original traffic lights. Large vehicles still struggle to get past the barriers. Still WMDC refuse to talk to anyone. Roll Eyes

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