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Title: Has WMDC Authorised the Desecration of Local Graves by trying to make a few quid
Post by: yetion1 on June 21, 2016, 09:33:24 pm
Has WMDC Authorised the Desecration of Local Graves by trying to make a few quid?
During recent weeks WMDC has taken it upon itself to apply health and safety repair costs to graves in the Wakefield area. This has been conducted by using “privileged contractors” whose findings by un-approved methods have been spiked by way of a small notice board inside the leased grave areas, on top of the deceased. Supposed faulty grave stones have been “supported” with various bits of metal that are apparently officially approved and have been tested fit for purpose.

There is obviously a whole lot more information available that thousands of people driven by family passion are now looking at. For those Cllr that don’t read this forum you had better pick up the phone as this one will bite you in the ass. The above 1st paragraph should rattle WMDC legal services. The facts to come are even better unless WMDC really wish to continue with their interpretation of the current acts that are ironically covered by full Police enforcement to those who would commit such a crime.

It would be a very wise move by WMDC to very quickly remove their rubbish and install apologises on neutral ground. As usual not one local Labour party Cllr has said NO or has lifted a finger! >:(

Title: Re: Has WMDC Authorised the Desecration of Local Graves by trying to make a few quid
Post by: yetion1 on December 30, 2016, 07:00:25 pm
Please excuse the word “I” about to be used as this far more about “us” as 2017 apparently will show in our graveyards. At the beginning of this year I was asked to assist with a council notice that had been attached to a gravestone. The correspondence that then followed was extensive and full of problems / issues. During this time it became apparent that many people were in the same situation and some had no money to pay for repairs. There are many internet discussions around but with such a delicate subject not many had the drive to ask questions.  I have underlined repairs as I will comment further in a moment.

In brief the circumstance is this. After a fatal accident a few years ago with a child being killed by a headstone a liability issue arose. The cost to make good by councils was so great that a get out had to be found to pass cost liability on. As most graves are a 99 year leased plot the get out was to blame the lease holder and create a test that would always create a fault. The test is to place a hand on a grave stone and apply 25 kg of force. Before you ask how this is measured. The answer is it that is not accompanied by much correspondence. After almost a year I have managed to witness a headstone test. The test is nothing to do with an amount of force. The test is to push over the headstone to prove it could be moved. The reason is to enforce the fitting of metal pins and straps. There are many other issues that you would probably now think about such as someone is actually going around grave yards and pushing over headstones that were perfectly fine and are now un-settled. It has now been almost a year since Featherstone’s Cemeteries were tested. 2017 looks like the year when our local graves have 50% plus of the headstones laid flat on the grass.

Solutions? There are not many unless you have a lot of money to fight, you are a solicitor willing to fight or for free if public opinion gets on board. There does appear to be a solution but when asked the reply was I cannot. The solution as I read is that graveyards are applicable to grants from councils and the lottery. Was my answer wrong?
Please pass this about in the hope someone who can help does!