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Title: Post Office Road Fly Tipping Madness
Post by: yetion1 on February 14, 2016, 08:57:25 pm
WMDC after 50 plus years of upkeep are attempting to get out of a cleanup bill to remove rubbish from the passageways and footpaths on Post Office Road. In a bizarre twist WMDC are blaming the owner of a property next to a problem fly tipping area. Ironically this person has been the most helpful to try and stop the problem. WMDC actions are based on Ordinance Survey maps created in 1982 that are clearly out of date,inaccurate and miss read.
The situation is escalating with legal notices served with a prospect of heavy fines and court action. Its a good job residents are not intimidated that easily. The facts quite clearly state the opposite. to WMDCs view. It appears WMDC are wasting public money and disregarding public health and safety. At the order of WMDC a passageway is now blocked off. About 60 residents for the last 3 weeks have had to walk down a rubbish covered footpath and walk up to 300 yards with their bins to the front of their properties. Two people have already been injured falling over rubbish in the dark.
The police are now investigating The actions of WMDC as the emergency access to 60 homes has been forcefully blocked.
Not a Cllr in sight as usual ::)

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Title: Re: Post Office Road Fly Tipping Madness
Post by: yetion1 on February 12, 2019, 09:08:24 pm
The saga goes on but a funny moment when WMDC trespass to take a pee.... ;D


Title: Re: Post Office Road Fly Tipping Madness
Post by: yetion1 on February 15, 2019, 06:48:28 pm
Looks like the battle to keep Post office Road shut and NOT become a rat run got a little nearer today. The situation was always going to get more interesting the more people that were affected.
The field at the end of Post office Road after being used for the air raid shelter during the war has been common land for tens of years.  About 3 years ago it apparently got sold to a housing company at Colliers Court. There was no publicity and apparently no tender bid put in place so it looks like the land has been sold under dubious circumstances. After 3 years asking many residents are still refused a reply to the question by WMDC.  You have to wonder if the new owner was fully informed about the land and its previous use when it disappeared of all maps due to the aparent storage of milatary chemicals. The mention of one chemical in particular is very interesting.
Three years ago WMDC built a dirt track road from the end of Post Office Road to the cricket field. This also opened up an area for Featherstone Rovers That they now advertise as a car park on match days. The locked metal gate suddenly disappeared.
August 2018 travellers found the now open space and camped for a week. They left the usual mess. Strangely WMDC cleaned up the land at great cost but not the surrounding streets full of fly tipped rubbish. If this land had been sold why were we paying WMDC to do the clean up?  Again WMDC and now the M.P. Jon Tricket refuse to reply to residentsí concerns.
A very long fence has been fitted right from the Rovers training barn down to Vicarage lane with signs saying private. The cricket club, bowling club and rovers are now cut off.  There are no road signs and vehicles arriving and having to turn around on a narrow street. Just tonight there have been times as if the M1 has shut as traffic queues down the street confused what to do. Match day should be fun on Sunday with Rovers advertising parking. Guess the residents will suffer then.
Should be interesting what happens next. Are the local cllrs going to get off their ass or just sink their heads in the sand as usual? Post Office Road is not going to open as a through road. To start with WMDC contacted residents 3 years ago and informed them Post Office road was to be a residents zone within 6 months. 3 years later WMDC refuse to reply to this letter they sent?

The history buffs at least will be entertained. Were the air raid shelter tunnels fully filled or are we going to start seeing diggers dropping in to holes.