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Title: The Featherstone By-Pass
Post by: yetion1 on November 06, 2015, 06:05:01 pm
About 6 years ago the idea of a Featherstone by-pass was taken out of the local planning framework by the local Labour Party which basically meant it would be about 10 years before the subject would even be eligible for discussion again.
Looks like someone with money is talking as a plan has emerged this week. It looks like a contractor has a green light to look at building lots of houses and an industrial estate from the back of the new Girnhill Estate in exchange for a link road from Victoria Garden Centre to Ackworth with an extra road to the Crematorium. Apparently you can now build on greenbelt land?
Should be interesting to read the planning application after reading the Pop Factory sites amazing associated documents that came and went. ;D

Title: Re: The Featherstone By-Pass
Post by: yetion1 on January 23, 2019, 07:35:19 pm
Somethingís going on thatís looking more and dodgier regards the new Featherstone Bypass. So far the fastest passed road in the area.  Nothing to do with a larger number of houses and business units adding to the plan!
But there seems to be a further twist that more and more information keeps showing up about.  The original plan was to start the road across the horse box railway carriages by the garden center.  This was then altered to Huntwick Lane the farm road at the Linpac cross roads. There then appears to have been some argument with Labour Cllr Graham Isherwood and the site of the Featherstone War Horse and a few metres.  There seem to be a number of behind closed door meetings which slow information down as you have to request the information.  Sure there is more to come.
Whatever has been going on for whatever reason it is looking like there will be another Featherstone Historical victim. Un-confirmed so far there is talk of Huntwick Lodge now having to be demolished for the road. A listed local land mark, which has had a Heritage order on it for all these years. You have to wonder if Heritage will agree. Possibly not Lister Baths but it would be a shame if it went because someone had their own ideas that must come first.  ::)