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Title: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on September 18, 2012, 08:59:20 pm
Does anyone know why the town council minutes are no longer being placed available to read on their internet website? Perhaps Mr Roper will write another letter to the paper or ask in the next meeting why.Does anyone realize exactly how much Featherstone market is costing us the local tax payers?
Has anyone noticed an absence of tender bids to maintain a garden at the bottom of Station Lane?

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on February 19, 2013, 08:44:58 pm
The Town Council website has been down for almost 2 months. Any ideas why? ;D

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on December 30, 2013, 08:31:07 pm
Wow, nice one thanks. All rumour and gossip of course except that in Featherstone the factual usually follows.
Not much digging to find youíre on the right tracks and hitting someoneís nerve.
Apparently a few years ago a Labour Cllr suggested scrapping the town council and handing control to WMDC.
Prior to Purston Park Town Hall being sold off plans were made to hold Featherstone Town Council meetings in the library. Perhaps the Clock Cafť town hall was being re-decorated, perhaps not.

The set up in Featherstone library is that pull across patrician walls can be drawn to create rooms. It appears from witnessís that a council meeting and a sliming club met one night in December side by side. A comment was heard from one side presumably aimed at the other side that has caused a subsequent complaint to be made.

20 tonne of tarmac mathís out about right. Strangely no one seems to know anything about it apart from a workman on Green Lane who was ironically laying tarmac. Thatís a lot of cash and more than a truck load that could go back for a refund. As the Green lane road is being built with a grant is every load not accountable?
Before anyone moans we should be grateful please take in to consideration that this fine coat tarmac laid on rough unprepared wet ground. Two puddles were tarmaced around. Life expectancy is weeks before lifting and leaving chunks to drive around. Why not do the job right instead of another Featherstone bodge up.

How big is Featherstone? A very interesting question I wish more people would bother to have an interest considering the subject involves money for Featherstone if someone simply asks for it. Itís a lot bigger than you think mainly due to its boundary being extended recently so that more votes could be counted.
Cllr Graham Isherwood was in the Labour news rag before Christmas arguing the case. Cllr Isherwood hit the press arguing that the new Police station is in Featherstone. Cllr Isherwood is correct. Featherstone has a new police station. The boundary of Featherstone extends far past this and covers much of the new industrial and domestic new builds. Every sing new build including the new Police Station had to give money to the community. All a Cllr needed to do was ask. Guess who didnít ask for Featherstone?


The Christmas light information is awful. I have passed it to the shops you mentioned. Yep still no one has noticed or complained. Awful.
Good old days is about right. The great Featherstone sell off!

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on January 07, 2014, 09:30:27 pm
Must be a Wakefield district record. A full string of lights that lasted for the 1st 4 hours. We assume the cut backs wont strech to mending only this string or fitting the missing strings. Nothing to do with any sad plot of course. ::)

(http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg99/yetion1/DSC00011.jpg) (http://s246.photobucket.com/user/yetion1/media/DSC00011.jpg.html)

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on January 28, 2014, 08:34:21 pm
Only to be expected with in a month the Featherstone regeneration tarmac bodge up is turning to gravel and wearing away. Hey ho its only Featherstone! ::)

(http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg99/yetion1/DSC00034.jpg) (http://s246.photobucket.com/user/yetion1/media/DSC00034.jpg.html)

(http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg99/yetion1/DSC00033.jpg) (http://s246.photobucket.com/user/yetion1/media/DSC00033.jpg.html)

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: Forkhandles on January 29, 2014, 09:35:18 pm
After making a few enquiries I've been told it has nothing to do with the town council...the private owner of the land had it done after receiving a number of insurance claims  :)

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on February 24, 2014, 07:09:36 pm
My eyes must be deceiving me as the same people in the same WMDC van also pulled on the front and removed the gulleyís and tarmaced with the same substance and same poor quality. The same gulleyís that Fev folk have complained about for years and made several claims about.
Isnít the main private owner the same one that is so hacked off with WMDC that he is proposing to fence off his land leaving Featherstone without its big car park?

(http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg99/yetion1/DSC00041.jpg) (http://s246.photobucket.com/user/yetion1/media/DSC00041.jpg.html)

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on March 17, 2014, 07:37:17 pm
No reply from the last post........... Must have hit another nerve! ::)

Didnít think I would ever say this, ďI take my hat off and bow down to Labour Cllr Steve Tully from South Elmsall, what a guyĒ. Another outsider who can see the bad deal and time warp Featherstone is being held in.
Yet again all those majority voters in Featherstone are guilty of allowing such despicable acts. Just for standing up for Lister Baths Featherstone was scuttled by the labour party with a £19k precept. Ever since the precept has been over £85k and growing. Money we are paying. We all could have had a lesser tax bill or more services if the Featherstone Labour party had simply taken the cash we were given regardless of political sides. Why not help Featherstone and take the glory? The answer is the party line being toed.


Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on March 23, 2014, 07:56:06 pm
Donít you just love a good story especially when the accompanying picture un-knowingly reveals some of the culprits?
Isnít it Featherstone Town Council that have provided the area and who have ignored complaints and planning for the last 2 years as the problem grew.
The police for example recently turned up and had a look at the cosy fire surrounded by youths. They then drove away without a word.
The fire service must be making up numbers for the picture considering fire is a taboo subject in Featherstone.


Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on March 23, 2014, 08:07:57 pm
How corrupt is local politics? Things must be getting far below the belt as a second Labour Cllr has now been suspended for opening his mouth and asking for the £15k missing from Featherstone. My hat off again and a bow for Labour Cllr Shaun Hodson. So thatís 2 people with a conscience. Letís hope there are lots more this week. Who know Featherstone may get its missing cash....................

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on April 01, 2014, 08:46:22 pm
Rumour and gossip,
is it correct that Featherstone Town Council have paid £900 to have some books covered? Didnít some of these books go missing once?

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on June 22, 2014, 08:46:41 pm
I am intrigued. Just had a labour party news letter rammed in the door. There is a picture of something called Featherstone Playdays. Seems strange it is the only picture that has no write up attached. Did I miss something or are there fun days happening in the park that no one knows about?

Also looks like there must have been a couple of drums of tar left over on another Cas / Waky road job as some paths off Station lane have been painted a bit here and there. Yep thatís painted and not mended.

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on June 30, 2014, 08:43:26 pm
Sure not many will give a dam about un-usual floral activity in Station Lane but for those that do, try and follow this new weirdness.
In front of Bargain Booze are 4 wooden planters. They were purchased by a political group other than Labour. For 4 years they were left un-attended and full of weeds while close by other plants are maintained.
In the true spirit of community good last year not many probably noticed the weeds suddenly disappeared and ever green plants appeared. Not provided by any council but by surrounding residents hard up for cash in their own lives. Again this year in April no one will have noticed the weeds vanished and any bare soil planted up. Some local businessís donated some items.
This must have hit someoneís nerve as on Saturday at 5,30am all the ever green plants have been removed and a bright display of summer flowers has been planted by a contractor. An unusual early start perhaps! The question the residents are asking is a little information would have been polite and what about painting the wooden tubs and fixing the broken parts that they were planning? The flowers look lovely but what about all year when the rubbish builds up in the middle of each one? One lady commented ďI hope they get watered but also hope the wood does not rot, the evergreens needed little watering. That was our solution to the mess we have to live inĒ.
The risk assessment would be a cracking read if it had been included in the street plan. But hey ho thatís the political rush jobs we put up with.

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on July 13, 2014, 09:21:37 pm
The saga of the repairs to the path outside Onestop continue. A WMDC flat back lorry arrived with 3 road repair men. All was looking good as they appeared to start repair the path correctly. It couldnít be that easy. After 20 minutes the workmen left after repairing just 1 metre. Must have been only that much tar left from Wakefield jobs this week.

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on July 18, 2014, 08:04:54 pm
Must be our turn again for some left over tarmac. Same wagon and 3 men managed this morning to fill in the gully from the 4ft they did a few weeks ago at the corner of Fernley Street up to the bus stop.  A whole 7 metres. Who knows we might get to Peppinos by Christmas. I wonder how much extra this job is costing us than if it was done in one go. Must be in the thousands by now instead of a couple of hundred quid.
Apparently the local M.P. Tricket had a question meeting at St Wilfs this week. People walked away after a queue of 20 plus people was met with an alternative to meet a district cllr. One complaint was 43 faulty disabled curb drops from Cressys Corner to the bottom of Station Lane. Strange no cllrs have noticed this considering the Featherstone Mayor and Consort are/ were members of the Disabled Peoples Partnership.

(http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg99/yetion1/DSC00028.jpg) (http://s246.photobucket.com/user/yetion1/media/DSC00028.jpg.html)

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on September 27, 2014, 08:59:41 pm
Hat off to Labour Cllr Graham Isherwood for getting stuck in and raising cash for a good cause............
Shame Labour Cllr Bill Mulroe couldnít smile.............

The McMillan charity is a great cause.................

Have to agree with similar concerns where the cash goes............

ďMost importantly:As with all challenges, there can be risks so it's important you look after yourself and make sure you don't put yourself in any danger by undertaking this challenge.If you are concerned about your health please seek medical advice and do not undertake the challenge.For those taking part don't forget to wrap up warm afterwards and take care. Macmillan Cancer Support will not be liable for any injury or loss that might occur as a result of participation. - See more at: http://www.macmillan.org.uk/ice-nominate.html#sthash.TRLRszCG.dpufĒ

Getting back to Featherstone and its own problems what about disabled issues in town? After years of complaints and thousands of pounds paid in compensation to pedestrians this year half a job was done to fill the long drains outside OnStop. This was not because WMDC wonted to but because Labour Cllr Graham Isherwood and Labour Cllr Richard Taylor had been made to see that at least 5 wheel chairs had fallen in to the holes causing harm to the disabled person and temporary entrapment. Not to mention the badly maintained dropped curbs on every street corner on Station Lane that us able folk take for granted. After months of complaint with no response local disabled people have offered their own challenge to both District Cllrs to sit in a wheel chair and see how difficult the terrain actually is. Their offer has been turned down. The excuse is that their insurance will not cover it. Considering the news report there has to be either a blind eye or a lie when it suits. Itís also amazing how quite Labour Cllr Janet Power and her husband are considering their role as seniors of the Disabled Peoples Partnership. Obviously nothing to do with political power. When Labour lost Featherstone their complaints about the issue were obviously false.
Why not take the glory for inproving the town with a fraction of the money released by all the new building in town? Simple answer.

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on November 24, 2014, 08:30:10 pm
Well there is blatant and politically blatant. The front page of this weekís Labour news rag falls in to both categories. Anyone would think itís the 2015 elections given the Red Flag labour councillor on the front page.
Forgive me but arenít there a number documented ironies regards this picture and make believe story. This is a Featherstone Labour Party Councillor that had to leave his ward for a safe Crofton seat after his political party agreed to close Lister Baths and not spend the small sum of £1.2 million on a full rebuild. This is a Featherstone Labour Party Councillor who agreed to give Featherstone an illegally sized pool. This is a Featherstone Labour Party Councillor who agreed to begin boarding up homes when empty and create the Girnhill Estate 10 years of hell.
Reading between the lines Knottingly will get a Featherstone paddling pool. A Labour Councillor will get some coverage up to an election as they have not had a lot in their own ward and WMDC gets to latch on to funding other than for Featherstone.
But hey someone keeps voting these people in................ ::)

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on February 09, 2017, 09:37:20 pm


c) Any other planning matters Ė BT has advised of the removal of two red telephone boxes in Featherstone Ė there were no objections raised at the meeting.

Its a shame that Featherstone town cllrs do not see the potential that other towns have shown. B.T. will sell for a few pounds any phone box like this to any council. Many councils have taken this up as a piece of English history and have applied for a small grant to have phone boxes restored and installed at schools and even back on the streets. There must not be a lot left of the £3 million plus of Featherstone's regeneration money after paying for the Pontefract swimming pool.

Title: Re: Featherstone Town Council
Post by: yetion1 on February 09, 2017, 09:42:06 pm
The Mayor and Deputy Mayor left the meeting and Councillor Tennant was elected to take this agenda item.
Members were asked to consider an increase in the Mayorís allowance to £1,500 in order that the Mayor receives £1,000, as at present and the Deputy Mayor receives £500 to assist with their costs for each Civic year when deputising for the Mayor. It was proposed by Councillor Wright and seconded by Councillor Taylor and it was
RESOLVED: That the Mayors allowance is increased to £1,500 of which £500 is given to the Deputy Mayor each year.

An interesting increase backed by interesting people. No mention of the expense account. Shame that the good people of Featherstone who get of their bum to apply for grants now can only have £500 and not £1000.  ::)