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Title: Re: Verner Street Improvements
Post by: yetion1 on January 28, 2010, 08:44:48 pm
Really don’t won’t to start another political argument but as so often in Featherstone what is really going on gets masked by words and a labour supportive press so that government decisions are implemented. Nor should any rumour and gossip make the residents lives any worse.
Its election time. There is no way labour will make an announcement until after the election yet the evidence all ready exists to strongly suggest Verner is to be the next victim of “Girnhill Hell”.
Plans all ready exist that show 3 new routes in to Verner. WDH are buying up housing stock on Verner. The only reason would be to sell to WMDC. And the fact there is no new gas pipe has to make some new believers. I would not put it past labour to fit the new gas pipe and stop at verner. The disguise would be the pipe is really for the new Girnhill.
An interesting comment from Labour was that Cllr Bickerton and the Indies had done nothing for the residents’ of the Girnhill estate. How very wrong. The fact is labour has done buggar all to help other than to pass votes to make the situation. The only information obtained has been after Indy Cllrs got of their ass and demanded it. If labour wins the next election you can be sure of one thing. Verner residents will have to fight for a fair house market price.

Title: Re: Verner Street Improvements
Post by: yetion1 on February 01, 2010, 08:58:45 pm
Here is a twist. Does another alternative exist? WDH buying housing stock?
Appears there could be another answer. The government is giving grants to improve not knock down, different to the Girnhill initiative. :)

Title: Re: Verner Street Improvements
Post by: Whistleblower on February 11, 2010, 07:02:47 pm

I see that the vandals have been busy at no 71 and 73 verner, both now shuttered up, smashed every window and smashed all the internal doors and kitchens, funny how nobody saw anything and reported it  ???

Title: Re: Verner Street Improvements
Post by: yetion1 on February 11, 2010, 09:42:49 pm
I have been to plenty of houses in the roughest of towns. The small area you describe is in my own top 3 worst. Sadly if I was a neighbour I would think twice about reporting anything for fear of reprisals. The Girnhill estate created its own hell. I don’t think anyone realised it would rub of to other streets. Up to £40k is suggested knocked of some Girnhill lane private homes at the moment because of the area.