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Title: council tax
Post by: yetion1 on March 27, 2008, 09:41:14 pm
I received my Council Tax Bill today.

I have not been looking forward to it after all the local talk about the town precept!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that in Charge Band A I will pay only an extra 25p per week to the Town Council and an extra 63p per week to Wakefield MDC. These figures based on a 52 week year.

The information given out by both councils is interesting. In a very basic way it reads to me like this-

Featherstone TC seems to be offering me a bit more for the money it is taking and a chance for the town to own the Town Hall again. If I remember correctly the Town Council owned it in 1974 then gave it for free to Wakefield MDC! They now want to sell it and so the original owners will have to buy it back. As I believe Councillor Box said recently in the P&C Express "councils can not just give things away" !!!!

On the other hand Wakefield MDC seems to be offering me less for the extra money they are taking. My own personal annoyance at the moment is- less regular refuse collection proposed, the closing of household waste sites on Wednesdays with thoughts on another day! The collecting of bulk refuse from my home of more than three items is apparently charged for at a cost of £15.00 per collection. The rationalization of street sweeping. Man/Woman in small truck driving on footpath missing half of rubbish! (Not the fault of operator just doing his job and the nature of the tools he is using) 

I love progress... and bloody well having to pay extra for less

Told my friend to put the cost of a sandwich up and only use one slice of bread instead of two, I reckon everyone would object.  Don’t you.

Title: Re: council tax
Post by: yetion1 on March 04, 2009, 10:47:08 pm
A man off the street asked me the other day “is it true that the labour party has tried to hold back funds from Featherstone for the last 3 years?” to answer yes would be just having a go. I believe the start of the facts coming out has just begun.

A full WMDC Council on Monday was presented a budget that would increase the precept by 50p a week.
Conservatives put in a proposal to reduce our reserves from 6million to 4 which was against officer advice and would have left WMDC in a very dia position with not much if something went wrong.
Cllr Binnersly stood up and quoted that Cllr box would have to agree with what she was about to say as it was his words Quoted from last weeks press ‘’We have a duty to deliver services to citizens of the district ‘’.
Cllr Binnersly asked’’ that all of council must agree with that as that is why we are councillors and did they not agree that Both District and parish councils too had a duty of care which they all agreed.
 Both Cllr Margaret Isherwood and Clive tenant were present.  For the last 3 years they have voted for no precept for Featherstone leaving the council  with little funds and going against officer advice, did they not have a duty of care??????’’

Other Labour Cllrs dug a bigger hole by agreeing that to not levy a precept that could give services to its citizens was and is not an option. I wonder were they then acting immorally to not want to levy a precept to provide services.
 Cllr Graham Isherwood then said that Town and Parish Councils don’t provide a service which then upset most of the labour parish councillors. Ah ah
 Is providing and having watered hanging baskets not a service, advice agencies like citizens advice or help the aged or Christmas trees and lights.