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Author Topic: FEATHERSTONE MASTER PLAN  (Read 5398 times)
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« Reply #40 on: May 25, 2009, 05:21:14 pm »

Jon Tricket MP
1A Highfield Road
West Yorkshire

Date: 13/05/2009

Ref: your letter of 11th May 2009

Dear Mr. Tricket

Your first point “I constantly fail to provide my home address”, confirms that you have not read my letters as I have previously stated and that you choose to waste ink with an ignorant reply. I choose to use my works address for certain correspondence so as to speed up the turn around of information. As a rate payer on both my home and business I have the right to use what address I wish when addressing the likes of an MP whose wages and expenses I pay.
Your second point “not clear if whether my views are those of the Featherstone Chamber of Trade”, is a bizarre statement. As my letter was just that and addressed from me why would I be writing on behalf of the chamber of trade? Why would you say the chamber of trade and not one of the many other groups I help with in Featherstone?
Your third point “I note you also appear to be asking questions on behalf of the Ombudsman”. It would appear that your manipulation of words can be simply answered by replying that I did not use the word “behalf”. I am glad you have contacted the Ombudsman to report your version as one of my cases will benefit from your reply. However your actions are noted as providing misleading information to a government body.
Your Fourth point “I appear to pursuing a vendetta against Featherstone Rovers as I have provided misleading information”, I consider as liable and yet another labour party political termialogicalinexactitude created to slander me. Please can you prove your accusation?
Your fifth point relates to 1 section of an application. To explain;
Recently a leaflet was posted through my door explaining some detail of a planning application by Featherstone Rovers. On Sunday 26th April I viewed the WMDC website as advertised. On view were 5 parts to an application. One was described as “to sensitive to view”, 4 showed other areas and 1 showed the addition of 6 mobile transmitters in addition to 6 existing. The same letter of complaint was sent to WMDC planning regards only 1 item regards more transmitters that I disagree with. Unsurprisingly the day after my letter was sent to you the applications disappeared from the WMDC web site.
At no point have I objected to the other proposals from Featherstone rovers. Your comments appear to me painting a fairytale picture that you are then reading as a story better suited for “Jackanory”.
Your fifth point “I am un-aware who will be representing the Chamber of Trade on the Featherstone Renaissance Board but do feel it is important that WMDC are aware of the attitude of at least one businessman within Featherstone to Featherstone rovers and the campaign I have endeavored to orchestrate against the club and their community effort”.
I assume that you are replying to 2 separate matters within 1 letter. This is not acceptable and I request a separate response to my original letter so that it can be passed in relevance to the Ombudsman regards matters surrounding the master plan/ renaissance presently being investigated.
Yet again you appear to write a fairytale response that is without fact that slanders my name. I therefore require a response to:
1.   Why have you informed me that you have passed your opinion to Cllr Denis Jeffery when if you had any comment to make you should have passed to Cllr Peter Box under the “terms of reference” regards the Featherstone renaissance? Your comment is misleading?
2.   It would appear that only labour party supporters were made aware in advance of the renaissance meeting you mention. Please can you confirm what date you received confirmation of the date and time of the meeting and by whom it was sent?
3.   Why as an MP have you taken it upon yourself to assume I am a member of a group and provide a personal opinion regards it that could influence others?

Your sixth point “disappointing to see those efforts hampered”, suggests you have proof that I have hampered something? Please can you provide proof of your comment?

It is very clear from your letter that you have tried to fabricate an imaginary story that you have then used your political stance to publicise. For Featherstone this is very sad.
My opinion of Featherstone rovers for the record is greater than most. So much so that after attending numerous meetings I have drawn up a plan that would give the solution to the development of the Post Office road plans. As I am also a supporter of Featherstone rovers I consider you comments offensive.
If you can not reply in a helpful manor please could you confirm this in writing so that I can then move on to the next local MP for assistance and help?

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