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March 31, 2020, 09:13:42 pm
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Ten bob millionaire housing developments

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Author Topic: Ten bob millionaire housing developments  (Read 847 times)
seneca bond
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« on: August 21, 2012, 10:34:04 am »

The idea that ten bob millionaires live some alienated existence in their 200 grand houses is ridiculous,
Is it?
You still havn't worked it out yet have you? Gradually they are replacing the electorate of strong Labour seats in order to thin out the die hard Labour supporters in working class communities and this is the way that they do it aswell as alienating these people from the rest of us.
and the idea that featherstone wass some kind of working class paradise populated by people who woiuld walk over broken glass for each other
This is where I get the message you have no idea what this town means to people and what it meant to people in the past, you just havn't got a clue.
Yes we would walk on broken glass for each other and that is what people like you and the rest of the 'know it all' numpties hate about working class communities, they work, play, fight and die together and sometimes they will die for each other. Thats how life should be dude not sat in isolated estates being brainwashed by television and playing with iphones.

who is this 'they' you speak of? has it occurred to you that hard working aspirational people-the onrs you for some reason label ten bob millionaires, might also be labour voters.

I was born and brought up in Featherstone-firstly in Earle Street. You saw the brst and worst of people there: drunkenness, domestic violence and abuse(my father was frequently called upon to sort it out, and heartwarming care and support of ones' neighbours. By the way(and I repeat), the backs of the houses in this and most other terraced streets in Featherstone at the time, were separated by six foot walls-people were and are entitled to their privacy. From then we moved to the isolated coal board estate. The pattern of life was very similar-good and bad.: only now you had a bathroom and an inside lav.

like anywhere else people in featherstone walk on glass for each other...or they don't. It doesn't matter where you live.

there are good and bad 'working class' people, good andf bad 'middle class' people. To judge people and their values on the basis of their social background is at best a kind of crude inverted snobbery, or complete ignorance of the world around them.

so you don't watch tv? What do you do instead?
TV has been a major part in peoples lives for going on 60 years.

My employer-a major business concern in Featherstone provided me with the equivalent of an I phone. It's incredibly useful. I think you'll find that there is nothing new about barriers and difficulties in human interraction- people with their head buried in their i phones is just the latest expression of it. Y

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