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April 03, 2020, 05:41:07 am
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Ten bob millionaire housing developments

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Author Topic: Ten bob millionaire housing developments  (Read 847 times)
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« on: August 18, 2012, 06:12:10 pm »

when people move to an area they become part of the local population.
Yes they do, but not the community in this case, they are isolated in their own little world where the press can get to them with television and tell them 19 hijackers armed with stanley knives can defeat the CIA, FBI, NORAD, NSA, Homeland security, Pentagon missile defence system then bring down the twin towers and blow up the Pentagon. Just goes to show - you can do it when you B&Q it.
what is wrong with professional people living in a town? What is wrong with 'ten bob millionaires'? They are hard working people who want to improve their lives, and the lives of their families.
Got nothing against them, just the way they are being hearded into these estates away from reality and made to do their shopping at Asda. It's not their fault, they just don't know whats happening to them, just a little dim thats all.
People are caring, supportive of each other, or uncaring and isolated in any kind of living environment.
The latter part of your statement applies to these estates.
To stop people moving into a dying town like Featherstone because  there is a traffic jam in the lane on a morning is silly.
Now your just winding me up.
I walked up the lane today to the hardware store. I really like this shop. Friendly service, good prices, plenty to choose from. There are other good places as well. It's nice to see model shops. I have no interest in building models, but it seems that plenty of people out there are interested. A quality fruit and veg shop, a famous newsagents that I've shopped at since I bought comics there as a child, a home brew shop, a **** sandwich shop-carolyns is butty paradise, and an industrialsafety shop. A Top quality chippy.
Otherwise places are shut down, thre market place increasingly depressing, there are too manay nail bars and hairdressers and dodgy fast food joints. Oh and Betfred.
All thats in Fev is take aways and hair dressers because some idiot kept signing approvals for more and more of them.
There's nowehere to go at night apart from the appalling last Orders. Nowehere apart from to be fair the excellent Lidl to buy interesting food. There is only one butchers and a mediocre one at that.
The town  needs new blood, people with jobs, income aspirations, and interests. It also needs, the daily 'gridlock' notwithstanfing, people living in the middle of the place.
What about the White house, the Green Lane club or the Coronation club?
This town used to be full of clubs and pubs, had an array of shops and was an healthy community. That was because of the mining industry which was the backbone of the town. To make it good again and to bring wealth here once more you need mass employment opportunity, lots of trade and industry that employs locals and not 5 quid an hour Foreign labour that we have been flooded with.
You on the other hand Bond, wish to turn the place into a housing development for out of towners who shop at Asda, work in Leeds and turn their nose up at the fruit and vedge shop in the lane.
You probably want to knock all the council houses down like in Girnhill and Verner, send all the residents to rented terrace houses in Cas so the ten bobbers can take over the town with their 200 grand house, Chelsea tractor and slightly dim looking appearance.
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