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December 11, 2018, 01:16:51 pm
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Is it really a council or a circus?

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Author Topic: Is it really a council or a circus?  (Read 1052 times)
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« Reply #20 on: February 28, 2010, 09:27:24 pm »

To San, that’s an interesting item. We could do with a clear up team to go in to parliament right now.

To Forkhandles, a worthy attempt to communicate and the nearest labour have spoken to Featherstone in years. It’s always worth 1 go.

To the question and list,
Out of 26 serious discrepancies how un-surprising only 9 points raised with 1 agreeing. Confirming the list will not be difficult as the evidence exists.
1.   Fact
2.   Dick, “Without the Labour councillors Featherstone would not now have a swimming pool at all. The pool is used everyday by the main opponents against it Brian Clayton and Cllr Guy.”
Facts provided by Citizen. To add the one missing piece is the pools size. The education department did build the pool after labour members agreed due to public and Independent pressure. The rip off did not stop as labour Cllrs tried to build a pool smaller than the national requirement of 25 metres. Labour tried its best to get away with a 20 metre pool. If it had not been for the Lister Baths Action Group including Brian Clayton and his skill to provide documents Featherstone’s pool today would be 20 metres. If you have ever been you will understand that the walk way around the pool is very small. That’s where they got the extra 5 metres instead of building a bigger building. As for Brian and Pauline they can swim where they like.
3.   Labours reply a “blatant lie”. Why is there on record at WMDC a file of the records of complaint from the newly elected Independent Cllrs regards being unable to gain access? Who is lying?
4.   There are not many people who do not back a Featherstone bypass. Citizens explanation is correct. Until it is put back in to the plan it will never happen. That would be why Independent Cllrs met with SELRAG to see what could be done and have since been working to get the plan updated to include the by-pass. Then we all can campaign to actually make it happen. There is another way to get the road but you will have to wait until mid March to see how.
5.   Sure Tricket will send a messenger.
6.   Dick, “I believe this to be one more Lie.”
You will like this one as there is more than one. My own favourite is MP John Trickets offer of help to the chairman of the Girnhill lane residents association. When the chairman asked for help face to face the reply was “I will punch you in the head!” just for the fact file 2 witnesses and a police report.
7.   One point agreed that the MP uses his expenses to much to print leaflets that come through our doors. We should have the cash.
8.   Dick “Yeti Another Lie for proof go and ask the Community groups.”
Sorry but there have been loads. The latest from Cllr Margaret Isherwood is posted on this site as so are many of the others. There are even more than posted on here. Who lied?
9.   This looks to have been covered.
10.   Dick “The Featherstone charities is NOTHING to do with the Labour party. However ask yates why he is interested in them. I can tell you it is because the old betting office across from the Marlborough Fish shop is wanted by a certain builder from Pontefract and it is owned by guess who the FC.”
This subject is personal to Featherstone especially with £9999.99 of its money going missing EVERY year. You will find the facts posted on this site including a list of members. Only labour Cllrs sit on the panel. Please tell us if the information registered with Charities House in London is incorrect as we would not like there to be a fraud?
Yes i am interested in ALL of the plots of land receiving rent. Yes I said ALL the plots. These are also available to view on the net. My interest is the knowledge of how much £9999.99 would benefit Featherstone folk each year.
Yes I am interested in old book makers. My interest relates to labour Cllr Maureen Tennant King who in a public open meeting admitted being a member of the Featherstone Charity and that they had not met for 4 years. Someone must have communicated especially when the bookmaker moved out. What is even more interesting is that the old town clerk Wendy Wilson was caught working on the Charities accounts in the town hall before she left. As the charity is nothing to do with the town council she was pulled up for basically doing her own work in our tax paying time. As for your obsession to call Brian Clayton the boggle eyed builder you should be ashamed. No one person has donated more of his own cash in to Featherstone including Featherstone Lions as he built it.
To leave the facts growing the most recent update will be interesting to answer. The old betting shop is still under contract with Willian Hill. Someone must have talked to them as they are being forced to knock the hut down and clear the land. My guess is this. 400 houses are due to be built shortly behind the betting shop site. The site cleared will be at its most valuable. The market price could be higher as the house builders will be seeking what ever entrance they can.
Who is lying?
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