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March 20, 2018, 08:27:28 pm
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 on: February 22, 2016, 09:36:36 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Letís take a look at yet another bizarrely poor example of the Featherstone and WMDC Labour Party approach to regenerate Featherstone.
Work was supposed to start today ripping up the paths and widening them in to Station Lane, subject of course to the Weather. Instead the road sweeper spent more time than ever sweeping the paths followed by a team of yellow line men re-painting Station Lane and surrounding roads.
If WMDC were considering climbing the scale of wasting public money they have made a great start. Most of the lines painted are due to be dug up the same day. On the other hand if WMDC were trying to keep the present look they have done a great job. By the time works are finished there will be yellow lines all over the road or scars where they burn bits off.
So you think thatís bad............ Wait till you read what is next........ but hey nobody cares!!!
 Roll Eyes

 on: February 14, 2016, 08:57:25 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
WMDC after 50 plus years of upkeep are attempting to get out of a cleanup bill to remove rubbish from the passageways and footpaths on Post Office Road. In a bizarre twist WMDC are blaming the owner of a property next to a problem fly tipping area. Ironically this person has been the most helpful to try and stop the problem. WMDC actions are based on Ordinance Survey maps created in 1982 that are clearly out of date,inaccurate and miss read.
The situation is escalating with legal notices served with a prospect of heavy fines and court action. Its a good job residents are not intimidated that easily. The facts quite clearly state the opposite. to WMDCs view. It appears WMDC are wasting public money and disregarding public health and safety. At the order of WMDC a passageway is now blocked off. About 60 residents for the last 3 weeks have had to walk down a rubbish covered footpath and walk up to 300 yards with their bins to the front of their properties. Two people have already been injured falling over rubbish in the dark.
The police are now investigating The actions of WMDC as the emergency access to 60 homes has been forcefully blocked.
Not a Cllr in sight as usual Roll Eyes

 on: February 14, 2016, 08:39:59 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
It had to be to good to be true!
This is a link to the latest Featherstone regeneration plan. As usual we get noting new and no new help put forward. Roll Eyes


 on: February 14, 2016, 08:24:27 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Two new bus stops have appeared on Pontefract road that many will have not noticed. Probably no one cares how much they cost or who paid for them. Perhaps you would care now that you can see how far almost £100k of Featherstoneís regeneration money has been spent to maintain a LTD companyís assets.  Roll Eyes

 on: February 14, 2016, 08:22:16 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Interesting comments from a number of local people regards Colliers Court. For some strange reason at least 3 times a week a very large drain suction truck is still cleaning out the drains at the front of Colliers Court. The latest people moving in this week have questioned why the drains are visibly just under the metal grates full of gravel / stone.

 on: December 29, 2015, 03:40:33 pm 
Started by Featherstonian - Last post by yetion1
As this topic started with a good example of the political system Featherstone is trapped in perhaps this year just by telling the truth instead of using a gun will make for some interesting reading.
Lets start with those throwing bricks in glass houses.......... (bricks, houses and glass are going to more poignant words than you would possibly expect this year)

Lets see If a certain Featherstone Cllr remembers his quote "Worth more than Money which some crave". Perhaps the Cllr hasn't realised he has jumped into a bigger hole than he did the first time with the same people! Roll Eyes

 on: December 29, 2015, 03:16:40 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Oh dear, Oh dear as I read the next plan and shake my head and grin  Grin. At last SOME of the paths on Station Lane are to be repaired. Na , it couldn't be that easy. The paths proposed are also due to be dug up just after they are finished as electrical and water services are under "on going repairs". Their might be a small window for a political glory picture.
Their must be a plan to destroy Station Lane as also included is the narrowing of the road. Probably the only way to tackle the speeding problems that wont have any affect.  Roll Eyes

 on: December 29, 2015, 02:57:33 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
So a year on from just over £500k spent to fix the problems and the road has been dug up 9 times and has been closed several times due to flooding. Wouldn't it have been more productive to give Featherstone the £500k and ignore the original problem?  Roll Eyes

 on: November 22, 2015, 10:01:20 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Their appears to be a new type of thief stalking Featherstone. Over the past month there have been at least 8 thefts by persons using a white van. There appears to be 2 vans travelling around. One is a long wheelbase semi-high top Sprinter with a pair of stripes along its sides. The other appears to be a white Ford Transit. What is different is how they are operating. These criminals are using the cover of daytime and early evening to commit their crimes. Passersby are not even thinking a robbery is taking place. Quite often the vans are in clear view whilst being loaded for up to an hour. If you see something suspicious report the crime or just ask.

 on: November 21, 2015, 07:00:56 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1


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