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August 18, 2017, 05:54:22 am
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 on: January 22, 2017, 04:18:21 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Just keep shaking your head, it’s all you can do living in Labour Featherstone. Here is an unusual one. At 7.45pm on Friday night a road sweeper and trailer arrived at the corner of Fulton’s and Betfred. For the next hour the most unusual road repair began. Around both corners the tarmac was cut at about 2ft from the curb. A scrape was then made of the surface. Then tarmac was shovelled on to the un-compacted surface and then was finally rolled by using the wheels of the road sweeper and not a road roller. The finished job is an uneven surface lower than the original and has not been sealed at the joint with tar. The surface is all ready breaking up as it sticks to vehicle tyres. The big dint in the path caused by the JCB renovating the path is still there for all to fall in.
The road was better before?

 on: January 22, 2017, 03:34:03 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Police were called to Station Lane on Friday around 9pm after reports of an assault. Apparently the victim is the person responsible for a number of break-ins recently. Ironic that recently the police turn up faster to help the criminal and not the victim.
The sooner the UK wakes up to the fact that we now have to defend ourselves perhaps some organisation can begin.

 on: January 22, 2017, 03:26:58 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Well things haven't quietened down in the hot house on Fearnley Street. Its so busy its worth just stopping by. Today alone stolen goods from shops in Featherstone have been streaming in and out the back door. The poor residents are living in fear whilst good Samaritans have saved a few peoples bacon. Roll Eyes

Over a year since residents and business began complaining about the thief and other events such as flashing at kids on Fearnly Street and the daily day and night harassment to neighbors including a growing pile of rubbish that WMDC have confirm will be dealt with in a “reasonable amount of time”, now defined as one year. At last this week an interesting result! The house and next door is a charity owned house. After the charity delivered a brand new cooker to the house, 20 minutes later the cooker was sold. This resulted in the tenants being evicted and the locks changed on Friday afternoon. This brought to light just how active the house was. From 1pm on Friday there were groups of smack heads walking about the Lane, lost. The funniest of all was the apparent prostitution that came to light. The new temporary location was behind Labour party member Bill Mulroes charity shop with cars driving around the backs and sexually activity seen by at least 2 people in the passage way.
About 6pm the female resident arrived back at the house and was arrested by police investigating previous events. Within an hour of being released this morning at 9am the female brought a hammer and attempted to smash her way in the front and back door. She was again

 on: January 18, 2017, 09:50:45 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Excuse the short video as there is an irony. One of many places in Featherstone you would not wish to steel from is this one. To cut a story short these 3 white males with local accents aged early to mid twenties in a transit van sign written roofing on 3 sides were shown the error of their ways. This would have been left at that. However fate then came along. Take a note of the metal bucket taken out of the van which was eventually left with other items after error training by the van driving off at high speed spilling its load.
A couple of hours later a lovely 80 plus year old man arrived at a local shop nearby to buy a tin bucket. He had got wrapped up and obtained some cash because someone had been in his garden on Crossley Street nearby and stolen both his new tin buckets. The poor old guy was stressed because all he had was his coal fire and the bucket was part of his routine. His language was Featherstone sharp. By good luck staff who had seen the earlier incident and bucket asked the old guy to identify his bucket. What were the chances that he could identify one bucket. Yes it was his. It appears that Featherstone gardens have been robbed all morning. If you are a victim please add this to your report. The police are aware


 on: January 10, 2017, 07:13:04 pm 
Started by Old Stonian - Last post by Old Stonian
Before the season starts properly Rovers fans might be interested to see which player was best in a number of categories. Have a look on Google at "Featherstone Rovers - The Players". Include the quotation marks. if you don't bother with Google try myroversblog.blogspot.com

 on: December 30, 2016, 07:00:25 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Please excuse the word “I” about to be used as this far more about “us” as 2017 apparently will show in our graveyards. At the beginning of this year I was asked to assist with a council notice that had been attached to a gravestone. The correspondence that then followed was extensive and full of problems / issues. During this time it became apparent that many people were in the same situation and some had no money to pay for repairs. There are many internet discussions around but with such a delicate subject not many had the drive to ask questions.  I have underlined repairs as I will comment further in a moment.

In brief the circumstance is this. After a fatal accident a few years ago with a child being killed by a headstone a liability issue arose. The cost to make good by councils was so great that a get out had to be found to pass cost liability on. As most graves are a 99 year leased plot the get out was to blame the lease holder and create a test that would always create a fault. The test is to place a hand on a grave stone and apply 25 kg of force. Before you ask how this is measured. The answer is it that is not accompanied by much correspondence. After almost a year I have managed to witness a headstone test. The test is nothing to do with an amount of force. The test is to push over the headstone to prove it could be moved. The reason is to enforce the fitting of metal pins and straps. There are many other issues that you would probably now think about such as someone is actually going around grave yards and pushing over headstones that were perfectly fine and are now un-settled. It has now been almost a year since Featherstone’s Cemeteries were tested. 2017 looks like the year when our local graves have 50% plus of the headstones laid flat on the grass.

Solutions? There are not many unless you have a lot of money to fight, you are a solicitor willing to fight or for free if public opinion gets on board. There does appear to be a solution but when asked the reply was I cannot. The solution as I read is that graveyards are applicable to grants from councils and the lottery. Was my answer wrong?
Please pass this about in the hope someone who can help does!

 on: December 27, 2016, 03:26:11 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
It’s one of the hottest weekends for shop lifting. This pair of mother and son has been practising their work. The boy is well trained in holding objects in front of cameras and checking the coast is clear while the mother steels items either under her clothes or bay adding items in to packets. They usually park up and then hit one store before leaving town.

Possibly this pair were in town again last week trying the confuse the checkout money scam.....

 on: December 22, 2016, 09:55:30 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
For A couple of years there have been a number of reports of theft from the more senior end of age groups. The individuals sadly have been having mental issues. There have been many that have no issues other than using their age to steel. You would think that bad enough but imagine an elderly couple who both have the same idea and worse still they are rehearsed and possibly organised! There are a few such couples operating in and around Featherstone. This couple are a team. The male is the distraction / thief and the female is the bagger. They have just been caught with a full shopping bag of stolen goods that were taken back. The problem is how to arrest such people. The advice given this time was a full gob full and report to the police Ref:13160749503. So hardened is this pair after being caught that they then pulled up the street and went shopping again!
It will be interesting to now find out who they really are? They have a small black car Reg no WV54LFD.


 on: December 22, 2016, 09:49:45 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Yes the traders in Featherstone have had enough of putting up with scum shop lifters. Continuing the fight back lets see how a little advertising goes down.
This is JAMES BRUCE possibly living in early numbered houses on Post Office Road. There is much more footage of the male hanging about and then after the theft hiding in the Chemist car park behind an industrial bin. He keeps popping his head out for about 10 minutes until walking of again with his loot past members of the public looking but not acting!
Looks like James has a bill to pay at Fulton's unless he enjoys having a word in his ear.
Police Ref:13160749521


 on: December 21, 2016, 11:11:43 pm 
Started by yetion1 - Last post by yetion1
Oh it’s getting spicy in Station Lane. So much theft going on its going to take a couple of days to post it all.

The prolific thief living in the unknown bail hostel in Purston seems to have calmed down after his last three beatings.

The Christmas decoration and grave wreath thief has almost been found. Someone called Steady is trying to sell the stolen stuff but is claiming it’s his skinny girlfriend usually in leggings who is robbing the graves. Featherstone is now looking for full names and address to pass to the victims who are queuing up for their 10 bobs worth.

At least 3 teams of thieves have been hitting Featherstone. The latest trick is for a getaway vehicle to park in either the library or chemist car park or at the side of Fulton’s while up to 6 thieves operate in mass and do runners from stores with arms full of stuff. Not to mention the old couple aged 65 plus bagging as much as they can in picked out area shops. Shocked

Un-reported so far is at least 3 armed robberies on stores in the last 5 days including pouring petrol on a person to gain entry or die in flames. Shocked

What Featherstone needs is a set of stocks to put the criminals in whilst the police take a few days/ weeks to attend. Would a Town council grant for £500 cover this? Wink

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